Sunday, April 10, 2011


This weekend, I had the opportunity to enjoy a lot of what the wonderful city of Austin has to offer. Let me start with last Wednesday. Wednesday night, J and I went out for drinks and dinner at Santa Rita off 38th and Lamar. I don't know why, but I tend to forget about this place, despite how much I like it! We got there in time for happy hour and although I might not go as far as to say that they have the best margaritas, I will not deny that fact that they are great. I have never been there and been dissatisfied with my drink. It always tastes fresh and like an actual alcoholic beverage, not malty and sugary. My recommendations for Santa Rita are margaritas on the rocks, light salt and any plate that comes with the soft chicken taco. These tacos are the best! Thursday, after J and I made dinner, we caught a movie at the Alamo Drafthouse, a true Austin original. Although, we didn't have our dinner there (our movie started at 9:55 pm), I did enjoy a perfectly warm cup of chamomile tea. If you haven't experienced the Alamo Drafthouse, do yourself a favor and get your tush there ASAP. It's hard not to like with the convenience of offering food and drinks (alcoholic, too) while you catch a flick. Side note --- I have to mention how I was particularly excited to go on Thursday night since it was the first time in almost a year of dating, that J and I went on a date to the movies. Friday was one of my favorites nights this week, we decided to grab dinner at Central Market. We ordered food from the cafe and found a table on the upstairs outdoor patio. Not only was the weather perfect for enjoying a meal outdoors but there was also a really cool band playing interesting music. The ambiance of the whole place was so relaxed and perfect. People of all different shapes and sizes all enjoying the lovely weather and delicious food. Some were just drinking while others were dancing to the beats of the music. I loved every minute of the simplicity. After Central Market, we went out with our friends to Brown Bar, where we enjoyed some of their signiture martinis. I had The Hipster, which is unfortuantely being taken off the menu but let me tell you about it anyway. It's made with Ciroq vodka, St. Germaine, cucumber, & red pepper. I'm sad to see it go off the menu. Saturday was a relaxing day all around. Despite having to do some work during the day, I was still able to enjoy quality time with my favorite boy. We made dinner, then headed out to catch the Yellowcard concert at Stubb's. Although, they were not the headliner, they were still great! Their show did not start until 8:30 pm and we arrived at 6:30pm. So after we got our wristbands, we crossed the street and wen to one of our favorite bars, Valhalla. This dive-bar treasure is awesome because it offers great drinks, arcade games, shuffleboard, and above all, an amazing air-hockey table. I had never been able to beat J at air-hockey here but Saturday, I claimed 3 victories out of 4 games. Since then, I have taken full advantage of bragging rights. After a "Combination" drink (doing a shot then following it up with a complimentary beer) and yet another shot, we headed back to Stubb's. After aggressively pushing our way to a satisfactory position in the crowd, Yellowcard came on stage and put on a very fun and energetic show. We sang at the top of our lungs, jumped up and down with the crowd, and pretty much shared sweat with everydone within a 10 feet radius. Needless to say, it was crowded, hot, sweaty, and gross. My suggested solution? To jump in the pool when we got back to the apartment. Luckily, I have a fun boy in my life that agrees to go along with my absurd, obviously not particularly smart plans. So after the show, we got back to the apartment around 11 pm (no sun out) and ran to the pool like children. I apparently had an untrustworthy, devious smirk on my face that made J weary of my intentions. He 1) did not think I would actually jump in 2) thought I would push him in. He was wrong. I counted to 3 and jumped in but unfortunately, alone. He didn't jump! You can imagine how I felt when I was in the freezing water alone and he was laughing. He eventually jumped in also but neither of us lasted more than 30 seconds in the pool but it was nonetheless fun. Finally, this morning (Sunday), we had brunch at Russell's Bistro off of 38th and Kerbey Lane. This place rocked! I ordered an omlette with spinach, artichoke, cheese, and pico de gallo. It was served with a delicious, homemade croissant, a cup of fresh fruit, and rosemary potatoes. J ordered the Vox omlette with the same sides as mine. Not only was the food great but they serve a Russell's brew of Anderson's Coffee. The meal was splendid. We enjoyed our meal out on the patio and enjoyed the beautiful Sunday morning weather. Moral of the story, I am very thankful that my days are filled with much happiness.

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