Friday, February 18, 2011

Big budget

It's been almost an entire year since I have loaded a post - pathetic. Next order of business: life. Life has definitely taken some significant but very pleasant turns. Nothing to complain about and much to be thankful for. But enough with the sappy, boring updates, let me cut to the chase.

Title of tonight's post: Big budget.

I don't know what the experience was like for the general population but for me, the memories I have from my elementary school plays involve a lot of handmade costumes, obviously-made-from-household products props, and embarrasing 90's bangs. Basically, humble little performances in our school gym. Tonight, however, I attended a local school play/musical. It is the third one the school has put on and I've been to all three. All three were fabulous. Fabulous scenery, creativity, costumes, auditorium, lighting, everything. The kids that have the opportunity to perform in such an environment are so incredibly fortunate and I really hope they make the best out of it. They are very lucky to have the support, resources, and above all, BIG BUDGET, to do what they get to do.

Those are my 2 cents for the night, I'm tired. It's been a very busy, long, stressful, running around all over town, kind of week. Alas, I'm going to bed after my 15 hour work day. Sleeping in tomorrow, spending my morning/afternoon with my favorite boy, having dinner with my soul brother, and doing my best to enjoy my time with people I love.

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